Latest Employment Trends

July 30, 2009

Employment blog Simply Hired released an analysis of employment opportunities in the largest American cities that revealed continuing softness in the overall job market, especially on the west coast. On the positive side, however, the employment outlook appears to be stabilizing in the midwest and improving in the southwest.

As Simply Hired reports:

New York, NY – Over 110,000 jobs and a positive employment trend since the beginning of 2009

Los Angeles, CA – Over 60,000 jobs and a downward employment trend since 2009

Chicago, IL – Over 60,000 jobs and an upward trend since the beginning of the year

Houston, TX – Over 35,000 jobs and an employment trend with little change

Phoenix, AZ – Over 25,000 jobs and an employment trend with little change

Philadelphia, PA – Over 45,000 jobs and an employment trend with a slight increase

San Antonio, TX – Over 10,000 jobs and an increasing employment trend

San Diego, CA – Over 20,000 jobs and an increasing employment trend

Dallas, TX – Over 45,000 jobs and a slightly increasing employment trend

San Jose, CA – Over 35,000 jobs and a downward employment trend


Social Media Impact

May 28, 2009

Since I’ve turned into a social networking maven, I’m interested in who is using what and why.  Harris Interactive recently published the results of an online survey on the subject.  Take a look at the results.  A few facts I found particularly interesting include:

  • 74% of those 18 to 34 years old have a Facebook or MySpaceaccount, but just 24% of those 55 and older have an account.  (btw, I’m in that 24%)
  • Tweeting is only slightly more prevalent among the young, but not by much.  8% of those 18 to 34 use Twitter, 7% if you’re 35 to 44, 4% if you’re 45 to 54 and only 1% of your over 55.  I’m in that 1%.
  • Men and women use Twitter at the same levels, but women are more likely to have a Facebook or MySpace account.
  • There is an educational difference in the usage of social networking sites.  40% of people with a high school degree or less use Facebook or MySpace compared to 55% of those with some college and 52% of those with at least a college degree.

Not sure what the implications of these stats are — but it is definitely interesting to contemplate.

What Are Today’s Hot Jobs?

May 28, 2009

According to research released today by Manpower, some employers are struggling to fill the following positions:

  1. Engineers
  2. Nurses
  3. Skilled/Manual Trades
  4. Teachers
  5. Sales Representatives
  6. Technicians
  7. Drivers
  8. IT Staff
  9. Laborers
  10. Machinists/Machine Operators

Considering today’s economy, it might seem counter-intuitive that it’s difficult to make these hires.   But finding the right employee means making a close match of job-specific skills, soft skills, work ethic, experience and a good culture fit — a perfect storm of the ideal combination of traits and characteristics.